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Women's Book Art Collective
Peterborough Public Library, Peterborough
May 28 - August 2, 2019
Travelling Exhibition: Curator and Lead
I am the proud curator of a collection of fascinating accordion pop-up books created by women from across Ontario. The Women’s Book Art Collective, as it is known, has moved from library to library over the last year. In Peterborough, it will be showcased in the main foyer. And will continue to encourage women to participate.  From Peterborough, the collection will move to Belleville in the fall. Interested in learning more or wish to participate yourself? Here are the details

Fledgling Flight - The Raucous Cry of the Raven’s Joy
May 30 - June 28, 2019
Kitchener Public Library
Solo Exhibition: Fibre, Painting and Mixed Media
Reception: Thursday May 30, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Artist At Work: Saturday June 1, 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Ideas are ravens - winged creatures that swoop by with raucous cries, searching for shelter and a fellow mischief maker.  To roost, ideas need a little protection from the wind, something to feed on, and space.  The Raucous Cry of the Raven’s Joy captures my struggle as a feminist artist to provide a place for the feistier and more transgressive ideas - ideas about the value of domesticity and connection - that wake me at sunrise with simple melodies and the rhythm of the seasons.  Using textiles, mixed media, paintings, and found objects, the pieces in The Raucous Cry of the Raven’s Joy cast off the colourful plumage of outward facing words that speak of my relationships with others; like patient, gracious, attentive, considerate, thoughtful, and loving. And using the poetry of Nikita Gill, I summon for myself the words that make my soul sing; fierce, bold, adventurous, unfettered, energetic. These words speak to me of my own power to exist in this world without reference to others.
This will be the third flight of my Ravens, and with each outing, the Ravens gather strength and numbers. A veritable unkindness! Watch for their reappearance at the end of the year!

A Rusted Development Revisited
May 30 - June 28, 2019
Kitchener Public Library
Solo Exhibition: Fibre, Ceramics, and Found Objects
Driven by the specificity of time, place, and people, I explore the individual, community, and cultural meanings and uses of the space and what either grows or can be found there. My home town, Hamilton Ontario, has been a rich source; a steel town, nestled in the beauty of the golden horseshoe, is in the midst of an shift from industry to art.
In A Rusted Development Revisited, I draw on this tension, using rusted industrial gears to print on and dye fabric. I layer this fabric with found objects that speak to my own place in this space and my own growing sense of self as an artist. I incorporate text from Father Tuckers Annual for Children, a paternalistic and misogynistic book from the 1940s, found in a local thrift store. Cutting it up was liberating, freeing myself from similar messages in more modern texts. The ceramic vessels explore ideas of containment and liberation, and the relationship between inside and outside.
We are mirrors, Hamilton and I; both finding our footing as hotbeds of creation.
Overall, A Rusted Development Revisited speaks to my fascination with the organic nature of rebirth and rejuvenation.

Birds Adapted for Flight or Fancy
August 14 to October 26th, 2019
Teresa Seaton Studio & Gallery, Burlington
Reception on Sept 7, 2019 from 1 - 4 pm
Group Exhibition: Fine Art and Craft
I am proud to share that I have been curated into this interesting collection of work inspired by birds, whether the largest Condor or the smallest Hummingbird. Come out to see my Birds of a Feather!

The Full Raven Cycle
November 2, 2019 – February 17, 2020
Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
Solo Exhibition: Fibre, Mixed Media, and Ceramics
Trying not to be daunted by the size and scope of the space for this exhibition, I look forward to bringing my full unkindness of Ravens to roost among the corridors and open spaces of QEPCCC.

The Full Raven Cycle
June 18 - July 20, 2020
John M. Parrott Art Gallery, Belleville, ON
Solo Exhibition: Fibre, Mixed Media, and Ceramics
From QEPCCC, the Ravens take flight to the Parrott Art Gallery, shedding feathers and gathering speed. It will be an intense cycle of artmaking to bring each of these feisty friends to life!